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Ryan-Hemsworth-Still-Awake-EP-artworkAre you Still Awake to read this review of Ryan Hemsworth’s latest EP?

Halifax producer and DJ, Ryan Hemsworth, is known for his versatility in remixing of a variety of songs, touching everything from Outkast to the Backstreet Boys. He’s currently on tour with Bauuer and RL Grime and was back in Toronto during NXNE.

He recently released another EP, entitled Still Awake, which is available for free download on his website. Unlike last year’s Last Words, Still Awake showcases Hemsworth’s ability to produce his own intricate music.

Still Awake is lighthearted and bright, which makes it no less an album produced with intense precision. The tracks are colourful, lush, and filled with sounds reminiscent of the video games that Hemsworth so fondly tweets about.

‘Empty Thoughts Over a Shallow Ocean’ opens with pulsating, light synths. ‘All Our Thoughts Are Physical’ features a haunting groan, which makes it sensual and dark, whereas ‘Perfectly’ overflows with light, fairy-like chimes.


Ryan Hemsworth at NXNE.

Remove the light chimes from ‘(。◕‿◕。) (or, I Want To Stare At Your Face Until I Die)’ and it could easily become a hit in da club, but it manages to remain more intimate than that. The closing remix of ‘Perfectly’, by Japanese producer Taquami, feels fast and heavy compared to the other songs, but it fits well within the collection.

Hemsworth includes a note in a file that comes with the download: “Thank you for downloading this and putting it on your computer, laptop, iPhone, Palm Pilot, whatever, and listening to it while you’re doing stuff in the world.”


Listen here:




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