Ryan Hemsworth at NXNE

RH1Many, including the guy outside of the venue who, an hour before, told his friends that he was “really curious to see Ryan Hemsworth play”, anticipated Ryan Hemsworths’ Saturday-night North by Northeast set.

Replace the word “curious” with “so fucking stoked” and you have my feelings prior to the set, which proved to be one of the highlights of the festival. I took a post up on the balcony, in order to watch as the crowd slowly succumbed to Hemsworth’s incredible ability to trigger moments with bass drops just when the audience needs them most.

Watching from above proved to be the ideal choice – despite the fact that anything he spoke into the microphone was lost on me – as I was able to watch the crowd’s reaction to every move that Hemsworth made. Looks of joy and awe were plastered across the floor while everyone bobbed their heads and swayed in time to da bass.

Most of his set was comprised of remixes of songs, save for a few instances where his own immaculate material appeared within.

Hemsworth played for only 45 minutes, like every other band. But, by the end of his set, he had some NXNE volunteers telling him that his time was up, much to the dismay of everyone in the crowd.

If you ever have a chance to catch Hemsworth live, I encourage you to do so.

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