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RonAllen-1As a music producer, it’s Ron Allen’s job to take a musician’s vision and make it come to life on a track. And, based on his various awards and accolades, Allen is a damn good one.

The Juno-nominated producer and mastermind behind Strobe Records has worked with an impressive roster of artists, including T.I., Shaggy, Usher, The Game, and Pharrell Williams – to name a few. Now, after moderating the Q-and-A portion of this year’s Music Video Night, part of the REEL World Film Fest, he can add host to his list of titles.

Before the show, we caught up with Allen and asked him about music videos – a field he obviously knows a bit about.

“Music videos give songs further dimension,” he says. “They give a song life.”

But, some music videos can have the opposite effect on a song’s longevity. A lack of vision – or just a bad idea – can mask the emotion of a song, reducing it to a tacky skit or an over-sexed romp.

“A bad video can definitely hurt the song,” Allen says.


Ron Allen (left) moderates the Q-and-A portion of the 2013 Music Video Night, featuring Davin Black (right).

Independent artists, though, are in luck. Events like this music video showcase prove that you don’t need the most expensive gear and a multi-million dollar budget; just a good idea. The present trend toward DIY culture also doesn’t hurt.

“Indie artists can get away with lower budgets,” Allen says. “That look is hot right now.”

Allen is currently working with country singer Brett Kingswell, whose single, ‘From The Country’ hit airwaves last month.

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