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RobinThicke-BlurredLinesRobin Thicke. I hardly need to even mention his name, and you might have an opinion – until you listen to his new album Blurred Lines.

This summer, turning on the radio, walking on the street, going shopping – or anywhere you go – yes, literally everywhere you go, you’ve been hearing his featured track ‘Blurred Lines’. Its hit status is undeniable.

You might think, “Oh, mainstream music, artificial track full of hyper-sexuality and pretty, plastic girls. . .” Especially after Miley Cyrus grabbed all that attention with him during their VMA performance. Now, he is joining in the crazy celebrity circus.

However, fellow music lovers, have you tried to listen to his new album without any prejudice? I, myself, will publicly confess that I hadn’t. Personally, I thought that his music was pre-made American impromptu pop songs. But, if you like R&B, you just might like this 36-year-old singer/songwriter, Robin Thicke.


First of all, you need to acknowledge that the tracks on Blurred Lines don’t

have a similar taste as his lead single ‘Blurred Lines’ at all. I was impressed at how varied his music is. Honestly, this album is really fun to listen to! There are pop songs, romantic R&B songs, ‘80s R&B songs, danceable hip hop tunes, jazzy music, and lovely ballads.

His career as a songwriter and producer for Michel Jackson, Brian McKnight, Marc Anthony, Pink, and Christina Aguilera has primed his talent for this album.

RobinThicke-2He sings, “I know you want it,” in his famous tune, and he fundamentally knows what people want for music. I would say he is the real King of Pop in the modern world; he holds the reins of the pop music scene.

Although we don’t expect that music directors can sing well, his voice is vastly attractive for his tracks. There is an old saying: God does not give two gifts. But Robin Thicke is the exception. He can sing, create music, and produce.

It may not be necessary for you to taste his new album, but it might be nice to take a bite, and have a different perspective. . . .

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