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RiverTiber-TheStarsFallI had been waiting for the moment to write about River Tiber, and finally he has released his new EP, The Stars Fall. Although the Toronto-based singer/producer, also known as Tommy Paxton-Beesley, has been spotlighted by websites and label companies, he was just one of those SoundCloud uploaders, on of our neighbours, and maybe your friend.

His new EP is compilation of River Tiber’s music career. It features his strong yet sexy moaning voice, The Weeknd-like new wave R&B melodies, and a stable but unexpected electric beat.

You should take the opportunity to listen to the leading, most River Tiber-like track, ‘The Star Falls’. It is obvious that why he chose it as the first and title track on his EP.

RiverTiberHowever, ‘California’, the second track on the album, is the highlight track for me. River Tiber steps beyond his usual aesthetic skills. An electric organ and his echoed voice spread powerfully and sensually. Can electronic sound even be that spiritual? I don’t know. I don’t even know if artificial beat machines have a capacity to create a sound as sacred as a pipe organ in a cathedral, but River Tiber definitely managed to create it beautifully.

I’ve often heard painters say that edge is always important to create works of art. In my perspective, River Tiber knows that painter’s secret, and has incorporated that edge in his music. He treats his intro, his bridge, and, above all else, his ending with care.

Unfortunately, modern pop songs are easily made for quick judgements. While pop songs cram all its essence into the first 30 seconds, if you want to really understand the world of River Tiber, you need to listen to his tracks until the end, tasting the texture and enjoying the rhythm.

For more on River Tiber, visit his website at rivertiber.com.


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