Rich Kidd at Unity Fest 2013

RichKiddUnityFest-1During the penultimate day of the Unity Festival, held at Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto, history was made.

In one of the most significant moments in Canadian music history, Mississauga, Ont.-based rapper, Rich Kidd, did the spectacular, and the unprecedented: He performed a stage dive into the crowd at Yonge-Dundas Square.

According to Unity Fest co-host Miss Ange of Flow 93.5, Rich Kidd became the first ever artist to crowd surf at Yonge-Dundas Square.

In a moment that will forever change the course of music history and inspire billions of people to pursue their musical aspirations, Rich Kidd announced to the throngs of onlookers that he wanted to attempt to crowd surf, something that he attempted while in concert with Method Man and Redman.

Leaping into the outstretched arms of the fervent fans in the crowd, the ascending MC/producer was whisked roughly ten rows deep into the energized crowd before being dropped off in the eye of the manic storm.

RichKiddUnityFest-2Because Rich Kidd is no ordinary citizen, he didn’t just leave the intense adoration with his head held high, security paving a way back to his pedestal. No, the man took his performance of ‘The Last of Us’ to a level of awe-inspiring amazingness: he rapped while in the middle of the crowd.

For about half of his act-ending song, ‘Syke’, the entertainer stood amidst a fledging circle in the middle of Yonge-Dundas Square, with a fan literally hanging off of his shoulders, as he roared out the lyrics to a song that epitomizes his energy and showmanship.

As heroic as that was, the act contained even more moments that will surely etch themselves into hip-hop lore.

Before Rich Kidd was able to perform his historic stage dive, he was preceded by a young child named Aubrey. Called upon from the crowd to display his talent at the Unity Festival, the pre-pubescent prodigy broke into a freestyle, eliciting an uproar from the crowd. The performance, which concluded with a stage dive for Aubrey, was said to have been spontaneous and unrehearsed.

RichKiddUnityFest-3At the end of Rich Kidd’s set, the rapper stood by himself on stage as he told the audience to take a picture of him as he took a picture of them. Having taken the picture and having seen the image, it’s a perfect symbol for Rich Kidd’s performance at the Unity Festival. Throughout all of the antics: the stage diving, spraying the audience with water, the kid free-styling, and rapping in the middle of the crowd (along with a nice dose of hyperbole), it all comes down to one performer, putting himself in front of the crowd.

And Rich Kidd is one hell of a performer.

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