Record Store Day 2013 :: Sonic Boom

RSD2013-SonicBoomAs Record Store Day closes in, we’re furiously uploading videos to our YouTube page. Videos of what? Videos from our web series on that one magical day of the year.

In this latest video, we speak with Rob Butcher of Sonic Boom about live music, record sales, and how things have a funny way of working out.


on whether album sales help live music or vice versa:

“It’s tough to say. I think it’s a bit of both. . . I don’t know. It’s interesting; you can always tell when somebody’s coming to town, like Tame Impala or Mac DeMarco. . .  those albums are instantly gone.

“But when we have in-stores, whether artists are bringing in their own material or we’re selling it off the rack, the impact of somebody playing certainly helps.”


on how the move turned out better than anticipated:

“It’s weird. We opened across the street about eleven years ago. . . . We didn’t want to move, but it’s weird because we got this spot as a storage space, believe it or not, but then we found out that the store was sold and we needed to find a place ASAP.

“So it worked out – it was around the corner, so we could stay in the neighbourhood and keep the clientele. And we totally expected for sales to drop once we moved off of Bloor Street and into Honest Ed’s. . . but we’re doing better here than we ever were across the street.”


Watch the entire episode right here! And stay tuned for more from our series on Record Store Day!

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