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RSD2013-KopsRecordsIt’s so close, I can almost feel it! That’s right – Record Store Day is tomorrow, and we’re getting more and more excited as the seconds slowly tick by.

But, to pass the time until April 20, we’ve got another video for you. This one features Jennifer Moniz from Kops Records. This lovely lady took the time to sit and chat about the beauty of music and the store’s plans for the upcoming NXNE festival.


on preferring vinyl over other mediums:

“For me, music is music, no matter what format. Like, I still have a cassette player . . .  But, hands down, vinyl’s the best sounding. It’s the warmest sounding out of all the mediums.

“And there’s nothing like putting a record on the table and having the sound seep out of the needle and into your room. It just sounds like they’re in the room, whatever you’re listening to. It just sounds so vivd and so clear and I think that’s really special.”


on Kops’ plans for NXNE:

“We’re hosting a record show. And we did it last year and it was awesome! We had full tables and it was such a success last year. We had members from, like, Broken Social Scene.

“Brendan Canning was spinning and it was just such a great environment. You’ve got the artist walking around, they’re going to play a show in a few hours, but they’re looking for vinyl, like what can I find! And then you’ve got people like me, working for Kops, but also at that record show and also trying to see what I can find.

“But it was a pretty eclectic show, because the best part, in my opinion, we had the history of recorded music. It was really cool. We had an Edison player. . . it was so cool!”


Watch the entire episode right here! And stay tuned for more from our series on Record Store Day!

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