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RSD2013-JuneRecordsWith Record Store Day just around the corner – and I mean just around the corner – we at Raz Mataz Magazine decided to get some insight on everything records from the folks who know best: the ones who work at record stores!

In the first interview from our Record Store Day series comes out of June Records, the vinyl-and-cassette shop in Toronto. We sat with Ian Cheung who shared a wealth of knowledge. See a taste of that talk below, and be sure to check out our YouTube page for the full interview!


on choosing vinyl over other mediums:

“Because they sound nice, usually. And they’re more collectible, which makes it a little more fun. There’s usually larger artwork and liner notes. Especially in older material [liner notes] give you context. You can read them as you’re listening to the music. It’s just nice to have that context because it kind of affects the way you listen.”


on the importance of Record Store Day:

“Well, I’ve been fortunate to be around since the first Record Store Day – that was before we opened this shop, I was co-managing another store. That year, we really didn’t know what to think about it. We were like, okay, there are some re-releases, let’s order some of this stuff, there’s still indie records we want to bring in.

“And, since then, it’s blown up to be quite this thing. I think it’s good. It’s good for independent record stores because it’s a reminder and an excuse for people to go out and celebrate and buy records.

“But, by that same rationale, I think it’s, to a degree, been blown out of proportion. It’s become a big cash-grab, especially with larger labels. They’re releasing stuff that isn’t that interesting or it’s going to be available apart from Record Store Day. . . It creates a false sense of urgency to buy this product.”


Watch the entire interview right here! And stay tuned for more interviews from more amazing record stores!

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