Raycord :: L’Hiver Blanc

RayCord-LHiverBlancWhen I listen to music, sometimes I start to wonder where the artist is from. All music has some kind of similarities, depending on the country where the artist is from, because of the trend, background, or maybe the atmosphere that they are surrounded by. What about this artist, Raycord? I had no idea after my first listening. Even now, I am not yet convinced. He is from Canada.

Raycord. According to his record label website, “He is a Canadian composer who lives and works in the countryside, a lifestyle steeped in the elements that inspires his music and suits his sensitive nature, the warmth of which permeates and humanizes the electronic music he channels.” He is from neither northern Europe nor the Netherland. He is from Canada. That fact was a little surprising for me. His beautiful, jazzy, atmospheric, and experimental sound is very interestingly unique. It is something different from music we usually find in Canada.

What makes Raycord’s sound maverick is his fascination with the analog machine. He re-recorded his tracks on open reel tapes in order to create new possibilities; changing the speed, inversing the sound, for instance.

The first song of the album, L’Hiver Blanc, ‘Tape Sans Feu’ decorates the record’s beginning smoothly. Just like the entrance of winter woods on the album’s jacket, the track starts from a dark mysterious sound. The sound flows beautifully for about three minutes as a fire is flaring, the trees are swinging and the wind is swaying. I can visualize that his nature life influenced this track. Gradually, the track goes to the next song.

Right now, a free download of the song ‘Tape Sans Feu’ from Raycord’s latest album L’Hiver Blanc is available at www.phonosaurus.com. It might be great for you to take this opportunity to listen to his music.


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