Purity Ring

PurityRing-livePurity Ring played a sold out show at the Phoenix Concert Hall in Toronto on February 1st.

The duo played a short set, taking to the stage at 10:30 p.m., and ending around 11:30. I watched the stage from my perk on the stairs near the back, through a sea of smartphones held aloft by the crowd, who attempted to capture the intriguing lightshow. Aside from lanterns suspended from the ceiling, Roddick’s set-up had lights that lit up with each hit, and James had a drum for herself, used on a couple of songs, which would also light up when hit. Isaac Immanuel accompanied them on stage for his accompaniment, ‘Grandloves’, but even his presence did little to give life to the set.

The audience seemed engaged, but unsure of whether they should sway to the music or stick to one spot. Despite my own disinterest in the spectacle, hearing their music in a venue was a treat in itself.

Overall the show was not one to go down in history but was an interesting display of how difficult it is to translate energy from the album to the stage.

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