Purity Ring :: Shrines

PurityRing-ShrinesPurity Ring released their debut album, Shrines, in April of last year. The duo, comprised of Edmonton natives Megan James and Corrin Roddick, have been stirring up the electronic music scene since early 2011, when they began releasing single tracks sporadically throughout the year, earning the attention of music critics.  They played a show at NXNE last year, and have recently begun touring North America in honour of the album.

The band managed to draw me in with minimalistic album artwork and their single ‘Lofticries’, which I had heard months prior to realizing that there was an album to accompany the single.

Most of the songs on Shrines are filled with heavy synth, low bass and vocals. All of which create a haunting affect. Megan’s dreamy, distant vocals are featured on every song, and are accompanied by Isaac Immanuel on ‘Grandlove’, creating a harmony that is missing on other tracks.

The album is successful in showcasing the duo’s ability to create music with a distinct, manufactured sound, and I mean that in the best way possible. The warped synths on ‘Ungirthed’ and ‘Cartographist’ give the songs depth, and chilling lyrics on ‘Lofticries’ and ‘Fineshrine’ create fantastic images.

‘Belispeak’ is frantic, filled with choppy vocals and stuttering beats. ‘Obedear’ sounds similar to something that Grimes would produce, although with actual discernable lyrics. ‘Lofticries’ is sensual and smooth, thanks to the distorted low beat and is similar to ‘Shuck’, the slowest song on the album, with a deep bass and soft vocals. It’s a fitting end to an album filled with a range of synth and

Purity Ring will be playing at the Phoenix on February 2.

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