Purity Ring :: ‘Grammy’

PurityRing-'Grammy'Do you remember that song, ‘Anenamy’, by Purity Ring? After the 25 seconds of traditional Asian instrumental intro, singer Megan’s pure high voice begins. As same as the introduction, the melody is also exotic, and nostalgic. Maybe because I am from an Asian country, for some reason, I found their tracks nostalgic – like listening to my old nursery songs back home. I am not saying their music is outdated or oldish; I just found warm comfortableness from their sound. I assume that that comfortableness is their lure.

Talking about comfortableness, Purity Ring released a new song: cover of Soulja Boy & Ester Dean’s ‘Grammy’ online. A free download is available at http://www.purityringsongs.com/grammy.mp3

As the original artist, Soulja Boy said “I love it. Amazing.” about the cover on his twitter feed. But, the Purity Ring cover is completed as an individual track. It is absolutely a Purity Ring tune. That tune makes me feel comfortable. As if there is a certain promise that they are not going to be a complete stranger from what we have known. Megan sings freely instead of showing us her (possibly) inexperienced rap. Dang, they know how to behave. They use the same beat, yet the way that they carry the music is different from the original. I don’t want you to get me wrong, I respect the original. However, for me, Purity Ring’s ‘Grammy’ is more danceable, more powerful, and more enjoyable.

This young duo from Edmonton, Alberta, is hitting on an American road tour. They are going to play at such festivals as the Forecastle Festival, and Bonnaroo Music Festival.

Summer is coming which means music festival season is coming. If you have a chance to visit one of them, you can expect to have a lovely time with this song.

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