Phoenix :: Bankrupt!

Phoenix-BankruptPhoenix’s fifth studio album, Bankrupt!, gives a sigh of relief to fans crossing their fingers for another big-league breakout.

Since their most-praised album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, the electric-pop band from Versailles, France, has been able to establish their place in the world. They are the exceedingly energetic, Hollywood candy-gloss sounding, and coloured with flashy instrumentals, and an unbelievably lovable voice.

Bankrupt! comes as no surprise, then, as the band comfortably lingers on what they do best. The album is, yet again, pristine, melodic, dance-worthy, and, as expected, – makes absolutely no sense. But isn’t that half the thrill of the four Frenchmen that are Phoenix?

The album is glossed with emerging symphonies and peppered with a clever synth style. Phoenix demonstrates how well they know their fans with their album set-up. The record starts off with a classic Phoenix memorabilia from WAP, entitled ‘Entertainment’. This song immediately draws smiles on the faces of fans, reassuring them that the band has still stayed their golden selves.

Phoenix-Bankrupt-2Further into the album, Phoenix adds new tricks and incorporates new branches of sounds, as seen in songs such as ‘Drakkar Noir’, and ‘Chloroform’. None of this causes too much of an altercation, but definitely deserves applause for their strategic maneuver into introducing new whims and strands of music.

Phoenix has done it again, with another beautifully produced album. Breakout! has, at this point, confirmed their trust with their fans, and delivers more than expected. It seems as though ages have gone by with every new release, but once Phoenix puts something new out there, you can rest assured that your love for this band will be rekindled.

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