Philly Moves

PhillyMoves-liveToronto Independent Music Award winners Philly Moves performed for a gathering of mainly teenaged music fans at the Gallery Market in Kensington Market in Toronto.

Hosted by Darren Dumas, the lead singer of The Salads, the event showcased independent Canadian music acts Zen and the Kount, the Salads (their lead singer and their bassist), as well as Philly Moves.

Instead of performing their usual act, Philly Moves decided to perform an acoustic version of their songs.

“It just seems to fit more in this environment,” said Tragic, the rapper of the MC-DJ duo.

Rockwell played the guitar and provided backing vocals in what was a unique night for Philly Moves.

“We decided to tone it down for you guys. . . Also, I’m normally drunk on the stage, so that’s different too,” said Tragic.

Later in the night, Dumas and Dave Ziemba from the Salads got the crowd dancing and clapping to their song ‘Get Loose’ under dimmed lights in the back of the Gallery Market. They also performed ‘Sunny Monday’ from their most recent album, Music Every Day.

The event was free, with the artists not receiving any payment for their performances.

“Everybody came out of the kindness of their hearts,” said Dumas.

Zen and the Kount closed out the night with a series of videos to accompany their music.

Other acts included the keyboardist Joel Parisien, and female singer Hannia, who performed acoustic covers of such songs as ‘No Diggity’, and ‘Love in this Club’.

Philly Moves will be going on tour with acts such as M.O.P. and Bronze Nazareth as part of The World Famous M.O.P. Canadian tour, which started in Toronto at the Mod Club on May 23.


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