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PeteEastmure-EastmureAs I sit to write this, I’m not sure how to describe Pete Eastmure. He’s written a wonderful novella, called Time Follows Me, so I wouldn’t say he’s just a musician. And even his musical styles are varied – sliding between soul and blues and pop and country and rock so seamlessly that you’d think he’d erased all genres completely.

His latest album, simply titled Eastmure, is a great example of this. The record features five simple songs that are so unique but blend so well together.

‘Micayla’ opens with a blast of horns before hushing for Eastmure’s soulfully deep voice, ushering him to centre stage. Lyrically, Eastmure tells a heartbreakingly beautiful love song, while still incorporating those horns, as well as some strings.

The next track, ‘Cold Call’, is a wonderful country homage to Canada’s Tommy Hunter (also known as Canada’s Country Gentleman). The song, which is complete with soothing strings, slick guitars, and full harmonica parts, tells the story of Eastmure’s interaction with Hunter at Toronto’s Monarch Tavern; he sings: “I was making a cold call / I was offered a warm hand / It just happens like that / Sometimes”.


Pete Eastmure performs at the inaugural Music Almost Famous Concert Series in Toronto in March 2012.

‘Drunken Piano’, meanwhile, earns heavy jazz undertones. It mainly features Eastmure, and his full baritone voice, and a piano. Gentle strings and soft symbols fill any voids, but it’s Eastmure’s calm that really drives the track.

My favourite track on the album, though, is ‘Da Wack’. In all honesty, I didn’t know what to expect from a song called ‘Da Wack’. But, Eastmure has managed to fill this song with such fantastic pop rock that you can’t help but want to dance. Fun, full horns mix perfectly with the clanging keys of the piano, while the electric guitar and quick drums keep the song quick and fun.

The album, as a whole, is a fantastic and fun listen. Each track is different enough to tickle anyone’s musical pallet, but cohesive enough that you won’t get musical-genre whiplash.

For more on Pete Eastmure, like when you can see him live or where you can buy Eastmure, visit his CBC Artist page.

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