New and Improved

blog-1April2013-photo1Boy, oh, boy. . .

Do you know that feeling when you’re exhausted but so little has been done? That’s me. Except that so much has been done, too.

Yeah, that doesn’t make much sense, but hold on.

So, you may have noticed that things look different. That’s because we got a cool new site earlier this year. And that was the last time I blogged (and for that, I’m sorry).

But then a whole bunch of exciting things happened. Caroline, Cassandra, Kyle, and I went to Canadian Music Week. You can read all about our adventures here. Cassandra and I went to the Indies, which were exciting, as always.

Then we announced that we’re (finally!!) hosting the second showcase in our Music Almost Famous series. That’s going to take place May 4 at The Central in Toronto. You can learn more about it from our Facebook page (you can also look at all the pretty photos from Canadian Music Week, and a whole bunch of other cool stuff, too. And, while you’re at it, you may as well follow us on Twitter.)

And now, with Record Store Day fast approaching. . . well, we’re preparing something special for that, as well.

These are all just things in the pipeline; things that you’ll have to hang around to see.

On the improved front, you may have noticed that our Today in Music History column has gotten a lot better. That’s because Caroline has taken the reins and has turned that segment from a little niblet to a wonderfully tasty feast. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings, and I know you can’t either.

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