Moby ft. Cold Specks :: ‘A Case For Shame’

MobyColdSpecks-ACaseForShameFinally, finally: Moby released his new album, Innocents. The last album, Destroyed, was released two years ago. I am sure countless fans were waiting for this exciting news impatiently.

However, what you are reading is Raz Mataz Magazine, which aims to support the Canadian music scene, and, unfortunately, Moby is American. I am sorry, Mobers. I am not going to write about the American music scene.

Then, why did I pick this track, ‘A Case For Shame’, to write about? It is because our great Canadian singer-songwriter, Cold Specks, strikingly collaborates with Moby for this track.

Honestly, I am not sure of which artist I should put emphasize on. Their collaboration is pretty harmonious and equivalent. You would be surprised that my impression of this track is almost as if a new band had just come to the Canadian music scene. They play this pop song as if it is in the nature of orchestra, as if they know the effect that this song have have on listeners.

MobyThe track perfectly matches with an early afternoon at the end of summer: calm, beautiful, trendy, but not too loud for your ears. The constant background piano sound makes me visualize relaxing, refreshing waves – such as the waves of a lake, or those in my own bath tub. Those waves brings you to the three-minute meditation and heals you from the summer tiredness. I found this track beautiful.

Wait, you might think that Moby is someone in the past – in the dance scene. It is embarrassing to say, but I had that idea, as well. However, this track will change your mind about him. He is still a great artist, as he always was.

You can also easily critic about this song. You can say this is too trendy, like listening to Lana Del Rey or Adele. I am on your side. Singer, Al Spx’s strong soulish voice holds this song stable as Adele’s powerfulness. Dynamic but simple music style sounds like Lana herself.

ColdSpecksYou might ask yourself, what is wrong with Moby? He is supposed to play disco dance music for the older generation! I would like you to stop seeing that way. Even if this track sounds like those big generic  hits, ‘A Case For Shame’ is still beautiful. That is the point. The track is really beautiful.

And besides, it might be a great experience for Cold Specks, as well. Her musical style has been described as doom soul / organic folk, and often show the influence of American deep-South gospel with a strong goth streak. This song is a great first step for her to get into a different genre.

Moby and Cold Specks offered us a pleasing way to have dramatic end of summer.: not too hot, not too cold. This is the best timing to listen to their new track.


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