Mise en Scene at CMW

MiseEnScene-CMWWhen Winnipeg’s Mise en Scene took the stage Thursday night at the Bovine Sex Club, part of Canadian Music Week, I thought they’d be another miscellaneous electro-pop duo.

Man, was I ever wrong. . . .

Stefanie Blondal Johnson’s vocals instantly catch and they don’t let go.

The indie rockers do feature an electro vibe in a few songs – though it’s less contrived and more serenely trance-inducing. Jodi Dunlop’s steady and hard-hitting drums, Johnson’s full and often reverb-infused guitar – plus some wonderfully celestial vocals – round out a sound that is entirely hypnotizing.

The girls regularly pair building, budding guitar riffs with steady drums and a blast of symbol. Vocals are frequently beautifully hallow. But, mixed into all of this is a slightly darker tint – it’s rock and don’t you forget it.

‘Hey Velvet’, off the band’s album Desire’s Despair, is more poppy. The synthey vocals are a distant soprano, while the drums provide a steady marching beat.

On stage, the Johnson bounces around, seemingly feeding off of the energy that Dunlop oozes. The audience feeds off of this excitement; swelling, jumping, cheering. Even demanding an encore (which, sadly, never materialized).

Mise en Scene effectively turned ambivalence into fandom.


For your Mise en Scene fix (and, trust me, you need one), visit: www.miseenscenemusic.com

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