miesha & the spanks at NXNE

MeishaSpanks-NXNE-2Calgary-based duo, miesha & the spanks, clearly know how to rock. For a band that consists entirely of a single guitar and a single drum kit, they have an amazingly strong and full sound.

All that was evident during their Thursday-night set at the Rivoli in Toronto during the North by Northeast festival.

They entered the stage nonchalantly, but Miesha’s sweetly screeching vocals, and strong guitar riffs, paired with Stuart’s hard-hitting drums and crashing symbols, forced everyone in attendance to take notice – and notice they did.

The band powered up the crowd, which was dancing more wildly and freely than they had been all night.

Some songs, many of which were new, featured distorted guitars and heavy drumlins, turning their sound toward a post-grunge and garage-fueled interest. The strong, powerful, punching vocals match miesha & the spanks’ power-punk sound.

MeishaSpanks-NXNE-3Most importantly, Miesha and Stuart worked well together – they were in sync – both musically and otherwise – for the entirety of their set, making for a clear performance.

For more on miesha & the spanks, visit www.mandthespanks.com.

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