MGMT :: ‘Your Life Is A Lie’

MGMT-YourLifeIsALie-1The New York-based duo of Andrew Van Wyngarden and Ben Goldwasser, otherwise known in layman’s terms as MGMT, is readying their third self-titled album for release to the world in mid-September. Until then, the masses have been spoon fed their first video off the release, the psychotropic ode to escaping modern ordinary life in the quick cut, hilariously random, internet- and meme-friendly, ‘Your Life Is A Lie’.

So many bizarre scenes and objects are cultivated here to represent the negative/positive theme of the song, with the looping verse repeating the song’s title like a mantra, hoping to gently but bluntly make people realize the way they live isn’t the way we’re meant to.

Fetuses, cross dressers, Henry Winkler, talking dolphins, a skeleton choir, and probably one hundred more things make this video as unique as it is and ready for the instant replays it will have to take to fully digest the magnitude of this short-and-sweet two-minute psych-pop romp. This is more like an introductory prelude than a first song and video, sort of like a dream you can only remember surreal flashes of when you wake up, trying to foggily determine if it was memory or make-believe.

The cowbell churns this machine on, hit with conviction after every line, like a dense heartbeat hoping to escape the rib cage. MGMT wants you to know you’re not alone, the dreamers of the world soaked with fantasy-turned-reality, wishing for something to reassure them that the frenetic pitch of modern life is definitely as wrong for us soulful beings as we believe it to be deep down.

MGMT-YourLifeIsALie-2Not a lot of change goes on in the song, but it’s beautifully concocted verses chime with sweetness, lyrical truth and clarity – if there is one critique of this song, it’s that it’s just too short to really sink your teeth into. Even so, it is a beautifully constructed psych pop track that serves as a punchy introduction to the rays of light that will make up the band’s new album.

And so ‘Your Life Is A Lie’, or YLIAL, beats on repetitively and monotonously, similar to the lie of a life we have all been forced to go through the motions of, but way better. If even some people respect, accept and take in the message this wise song is trying to tell us, this could be a turning point in music – talking about real issues, accepting that modern life is a waste of time, bringing on change for something deeper to finally evolve in this broken world that we accept everyday.

This could be the Bob Dylan poetry of the technological 21st century. We’ll have to wait and see if this big message doused in two minutes of punchy ’60s psychedelia is received – or lost in the wreckage along the many miles of desolation that make up the modern music industry and modern life.

MGMT’s self-titled third album comes out September 17.

For more on MGMT, visit their website, and be sure to watch the music video for ‘Your Life Is A Lie‘.


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