Marla Mase

MarlaMaseThrough music, Marla Mase not only entertains the public, but brings awareness to the human condition, and works fervently as a writer/producer/performer/singer that granted her the title of a visionary artist.

Because of her dedication through words and music, she was invited by the Friends of the UN to perform for UN Global Peace Day in Lanzhou City, China. Her melodious songs bring inspiration of peace, hope, and enlightenment.

The New York City-based artist is backed by the Tomas Doncker Band that includes Tomas Doncker (guitar), Josh David (bass), James Dellatacoma (guitar/vocals), Damon Duewhite (drums), Alan Grubner (violin), Heather Powell (backup vocals), Manu Koch (keyboards), and Daniel Sadownick (percussion). They are mastering their music and actively involved in projects and campaigns bringing awareness to various issues that affect people worldwide. Mase’s new album, SPEAK does just that: enlightens, informs, and entertains simultaneously.

One track on the album, titled ‘AnnaRexia’, was created and geared towards the Stay Imperfect Project that Mase created in order to empower women in accepting themselves and being comfortable with their bodies. Proceeds from ‘AnnaRexia’ and the album will go towards the non-profit organization which was created by two teenage survivors of the eating disorder, anorexia.

Marla Mase developed The SPEAK Show, which incorporates music, spoken word, dance and visual imagery, and that casts a light on confinement, sexuality, trauma, body image, oppression and freedom. While her songs and performances are highly entertaining, her message is heard loud and clear. The SPEAK show is booked at NYC Summerstage 2013.

Marla’s debut album, 2011’s rock opera titled A Brief Night Out, captures the thoughts and concerns of a woman and tells a story about her breaking down, having an affair, obsessing about war and re-evaluating her life. It was also a soundtrack to the theatrical version performed in NYC with the Broadway veteran Martin Vidnovic.

Mase, a mother of two, continues to entertain the world through her powerful words and melodies of alternative and classic rock, reggae and soul. Mase’s music-with-meaning captured audience’s attention and earned her an honorary Messenger of Peace award by the Friends of the UN for her work and determination as a visionary artist.

Check out Marla Mase’s meaningful words and melodies at and

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