Marine Dreams :: Marine Dreams

marinedreamsLPFormer bassist for Attack in Black, Ian Kehoe, launched his solo project, Marine Dreams, back in 2011. The self-titled album is, as the name suggests, dreamy.

It’s an album to listen to while walking through Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto on a summer day. Each song is filled with pop-fuelled tones and Kehoe’s strong and somewhat faltering voice, which adds the most intrigue to the album. As a whole the album is mellow, and at times could be music to fall asleep to (see: ‘No Face’ and ‘I Can Laugh’).

More upbeat songs include ‘Sudden Dark Truths’, and ‘Season In Hell’. At times, each song can sound the same, and I find that they stand out better as singles rather than listened to collectively as an album.

My personal favourite song is ‘Yet To See The Sun’.

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