Magneta Lane

Magneta LaneDuring Canadian Music Week, I sat down with the lovely ladies of Magneta Lane. We talked about where they’ve been, their new EP Witchrock, and why it’s important for musicians to learn the business side of the music industry.

Watch the entire interview on our YouTube channel. And read on for highlights from the interview.


On how they’ve changed as a band and how they’ve matured as people:

Lexi Valentine: “For me personally, I feel like we’ve matured a lot as people. I think we’ve very comfortable in our own skin now; whereas before, it was a little bit weird, being so young and trying to figure your way out in an industry that was really brand new to us.

“Another thing, too, is, before it was more of a selfish endeavour. You know, when you’re sixteen or seventeen, you want to be a rock star. Now, my priority – and not to sound self-righteous or anything – to me, I really care about what young girls are listening to and what they see on television. I just want them to know that if we can do it, they can do whatever they want and they should never let someone tell them that they can’t be something.”


On writing Witchrock:

French: “We had never brought songs that weren’t fully finished to someone else to hear. When we recorded before, we would practice every song until it was perfect and this time, all our songs were sort of a work in progress when we went in to record them, so it was different.”


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