Magneta Lane :: Witchrock

ML_Album_2012_Cover_01aMagneta Lane – the full-female, Toronto-based trio – are back with their first EP in more than three years.

But, in a time span that most bands on the cusp of greatness wouldn’t dare let pass, Magneta Lane has picked up even farther ahead than where they let off.

Witchrock is a dark, edgy album, showcasing where the band stands in music today: strong, and independent.

‘Burn’ opens with a circus-like concoction of sounds, before morphing into the smooth, snappy ambiance that the entire record follows. It’s Lexi Valentine’s spookily soothing vocals that really draw the track forward. Add Nadia King’s wily drum hits, and French’s heavy bass lines; it’s easy to see that the band’s hiatus was well-used. They’re sharper, they’re stronger, and their sound is entirely their own.

Maintaining that witchy rock, ‘Good For’ adds an almost electronic, noise-infused sound. The entire song – right down to the lyrics – perfectly encapsulates the anger and the despair that comes with heartbreak: “So if I give my love to take / What makes you think you get a break? / Cross your chest for Heaven’s sake / Hope your heart’s real sore / What are you good for?”

‘Leave The Light On’ perfectly blends a heavy bass and soft vocals, reminiscent of the Magneta Lane of 2003, while ‘Lucky’ articulates an aire of empowerment, of triumph. It’s a fun track, the most upbeat you’ll get from an album called Witchrock.

The trio has every reason to be upbeat: a masterful record and a fantastic future.

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