Magneta Lane releases video for ‘Burn’

Magneta LaneToronto rockers, Magneta Lane released the new video for their single, ‘Burn’, which is on their latest EP, Witchrock.

The video – which involves a lot of fire – depicts a young girl burning a variety of negative female images: a bikini-clad barbie doll, a TV showing a woman shaking her thang, a stand of glossy magazines covered by women in various stages of undress.

When I spoke with the ladies of Magneta Lane in March, they told me about how excited they were to film the video – “We get to play with fire!” they said. But another thing that struck me was their strength in an industry that is typically dominated by men (I won’t get into a feminist-leaning rant, but you should read Grimes’ tumblr post, which speaks volumes about the role of a woman in the music industry – or any industry, for that matter).

In particular, Lexi had this to say: “I really care about what young girls are listening to and what they see on television. I just want them to know that if we can do it, they can do whatever they want and they should never let someone tell them that they can’t be something.”

The video does a great job of pushing that ideal forward. Well done, ladies.

Watch the video and let us know what you think.

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