Magneta Lane

MagnetaLane-1Every time I see Magneta Lane live, I seem to like the trio even more. As if that were even possible.

Maybe it’s that wonderful mix of rock that is as unique as they are. Or maybe it’s the fearlessness they embody as they subtly change up their songs on stage.

Either way, I was not alone in loving their Friday-night performance at the Rivoli in Toronto. The band’s blend of throbbing bass, steady, marching drums, and smokey, throaty vocals has made a lot of fans over their several years in the business.

During their set, they played ‘Leave the Light On’, off of their latest record, Witchrock. Nadia King’s steady, strong drumming provides the backbone for the track, while French’s thudding bass, and Lexi Valentine’s  grainey guitar and smooth vocals move the track along. That song, and almost all of Magneta Lane’s songs, feature a great blend of garage and pop and rock and punk. They’re complex and full, smooth and gritty, all at the same time.

MagnetaLane-2On ‘Lucky’, which is also off of Witchrock, the band’s grunge elements are more prevalent, while Valentine’s pure concrete power vocals shine.

Now, I’ll admit to being a concert wallflower. The ol’ lean and bob. It takes a lot to get me to actually dance (not well, mind you). But Magneta Lane – without fail – can get me grooving. And the band’s new song, ‘Bitch Punk’, according to Valentine, is designed to do just that. It’s punkier than we’re used to: loud and fast, with lots of symbols, a heavy guitar, thudding bass and whirring vocals. More than anything, it’s interactive. ‘Bitch Punk’ gets the entire crowd clapping and dancing without reservation.

Magneta Lane’s set was so great, in fact, that it prompted a well-deserved encore. The encore opened with ‘The Constant Lover’, which first turned me on to the band some five years ago. They closed with ‘The Ugly Socialite’, but not before inviting a superfan (not me) onstage to sing the song’s chorus.

MagnetaLane-3Gracious and fun? Now that’s a band I can get (or stay) behind.

For more on Magneta Lane, like where you can see them live, visit And be sure to watch the interview we did with the band earlier this year!

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