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LUM-GlassHammerStrange and beautiful music is hard to come by; especially with purity and whimsy meshed in. Toronto-based artist, Liam Sanagan, manages to display traces of substance and honesty as LUM in his new synth-pop album, Glass Hammer. A small collection of eight electro-folk tracks, each with its own separate character, the album is a perfect assembly of emotion-filled stories.

A current member of the indie band First Rate People, LUM is an emerging independent artist with loads of promise, releasing not only Glass Hammer but remixes and singles through online Toronto indie label, Bedroomer.

LUMGlass Hammer has a way of showcasing Sanagan’s colourful taste in eight timeless-sounding tracks. Each has its own story and identifiable sound. From electro-synth-pop, to acoustic folk, to a mixture of both. Vocals are done exceptionally well, with harmonies that are immediately likeable. The album is lyrically poetic and adorable, with truthful elements to its stories.

Standout tracks include opener and first single, ‘Animal/Mechanical’, a lyrically profound ballad whose spasms of synths and acoustic guitar serve as perfect aural imagery for the song’s title. ‘Little Baby’ is a bouncy electro-pop track with spacey harmonies reminiscent of early Postal Service.

The adorable and endearing ‘If You Call’ has a likeable awkwardness with phrasing and lyrics similar to the likes of Sloan. Closing and title track, ‘Glass Hammer’ is a personal and acoustic ballad that you can seriously get lost in. At nearly six minutes long, the track is like a never-ending lullaby with an interlude of soft calming horns at the break and distorted drum machines concluding the album perfectly.

LUM’s Glass Hammer is currently available for download at his BandCamp!


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