Lori Nuic

LoriNuicLori Nuic gladly admits she is living the good life, which is somewhat of a change for the rest of us, slogging it out, hating on life. She’s doing what she loves, writing and playing music, and working with her brother who just “shreds” on the guitar.

Nuic most recently the won in the pop category of the 2012 Toronto Independent Music awards, a category she is happy to accept, believing that pop is a somewhat loosely-applied term.

She grew up listening to golden oldies like Elvis, Roy Orbison, and Donna Summer, whilst her brother introduced to her to other darker, guitar-heavy fields. Nuic started guitar lessons with her brother, but eventually left them to focus on her burgeoning interest in dance. While dance is still an interest for her as a creative medium, her interests soon turned back to music and singing. Nuic is most comfortable creating her music from a guitar, and admits she loves the technical dexterity of “shredding” on a guitar, and wishes she stayed in those lessons (a timely reminder for some of us).

Nuic admits that her music is somewhat of an emotional outlet for the more challenging moments of her life, and her lyrics, while not overly specific, have a universal appeal. She is reminded of a fan who was compelled to pull the car over while listening to one of her tracks; so connected did this listener feel to her music. Nuic is happy for people to “take what they can” from her music.

The title of her most recent album, Flaws of Attraction, would seem to reflect most of the subject matter of the songs therein. There is a redemptive quality to the lyrics (particularly in ‘Back to Love’ and ‘Crossfire’) with a lighthearted edge reflected in her bubbly, effervescent personality. Gospel and blues elements pervade some of the slower tracks, while others tend towards more modern pop inflections. Nuic’s fascination with motion, Stevie Wonder, and Gladys Knight is evident on her older tracks, like ‘Never Be Lonely’, with soulful harmonies and tinkling Rhodes behind her soaring Mariah-esque voice. Her sound has transformed slightly, with a more mainstream tone to her vocals, though still retaining the elements of those soaring choruses and meaningful lyrics with which she grew up. She would gladly cover any Beatles song . . . though picking the right one is harder than doing the song creative justice.

Nuic states that melody is one of the prime drivers behind her music, which is reflected in the strength and memorable nature of her vocal lines. She says that she usually abandons melodic concepts that don’t stick with her overnight. There’s a simplicity that is irresistible and you can find yourself humming most of the tracks after a few listens.

Nuic recalls that her recent collaborative writing efforts with big names such as Adrian Eccelston (Divine Brown) and Martin McKinney (Drake, Maroon 5) have been entirely positive writing experiences. While some solo artists rebel against the influence of other creative opinions, Nuic has openly welcomed the inspiration and guidance from other artists.

In a field where studio recordings rarely tend to reflect an artist’s live performances, Nuic’s comment boards are filled with praise for her live vocal skills and the strength of her performance. Live performance is where Nuic really shines; her easy and relaxed technique perfectly suits the laidback and soulful content of her music. Her perfectionist tendencies are recalled when she remembers a live performance when she stopped the band to go back and nail some stratospheric notes she was dreading. Nuic admits that this is not inexperience but her desire to overcome musical insecurities and her faithfulness to the musical product. Her technical know-how, while not always evident in the music, is easily sensed in the way she speaks about writing music and performing.

An up-coming tour of Europe is on the cards, as an acoustic duo with her brother. For the moment, though, Nuic is living by her mantra of doing what makes her happy.

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