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Lorde-PureHeroineNew listeners are sure to become fans of Lorde after listening to her first studio album, Pure Heroine. The entire album is fierce, with a dash of a I-don’t-give-a-f*&% attitude. Her voice is unique, composed and very interesting to listen to. Lorde emphasizes her music through simple, heavy beats and sometimes the proper spaced-out vibe, which truly gives her music a mellow, psychedelic feel.

Her song ‘Tennis Court’ is definitely one of the many fan favourites on her album, earning more than six million hits on YouTube. Lorde opens Pure Heroine with this song, featuring edgy percussion that beautifully plays off with her voice, making the song fresh and enjoyable. The one thing anyone would notice about Lorde is her sheer bold character, and this is evident in her music videos.

She stands out on the indie scene, but lest we forget about her new-found fame in the mainstream. Her radio sensation ‘Royals’ is catchy, raw and, frankly, it is such a refresher to hear Lorde’s music on the radio throughout this whole Cyrus circus (We get it Miley, you’re crazy!).


But let’s not let that Gene Simmons wannabe bring us down; Lorde’s voice is fantastically showcased throughout the album, and for her first studio album she is on the right track. Her work is sophisticated and well-tuned.

Pure Heroine is like the story of the ultimate life for a 20-something-year-old: it’s the perfect time to have fun – not too young and not too old. That sense can be translated perfectly to Lorde’s album. There is certainly a sense of youthful maturity that is brought forward.

Lorde has caught my attention with this new album, and I am eagerly waiting for more! Each track remains different, inching forward in their own catchy way, and we can all agree that she has a talented voice. Listening to Pure Heroine is like dipping your toes in the water, it’s only a matter of time before you can’t resist the urge to jump in.


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