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LightFires-Face“The Story of Light Fires is the story of Regina.”

A promising introduction to the bio of Light Fire’s frontman, Regina the Gentlelady; a persona adopted by Reg Vermue, who performs in drag. Releasing many ’80s-themed electropop records as Gentlemen Reg, Vermue has formed the eccentric Light Fires with James Button of the Toronto-based band, Ohbijou. Together the duo have prepared an odyssey of dance, buoyancy and intellect with their debut LP, FACE. Complemented dark Bowie-like ’80s rhythms and synths, layered under Vermue’s confident vocals of tongue-in-cheek yet intelligent lyrical content.

Vermue describes his alter-ego, Reg(ina) as “shadow and light, high kicks and deep splits, fierce tongue and soft touch,” and no other description could suffice. Performing under Gentlemen Reg since 2000, Vermue has always brought an eccentric edge to his craft. And adopting a female persona with the confidence of a thousand queens (for lack of better word) bears no exception.

LightFires-1Performing across Canada since 2010, the debut album does little to disappoint. Opening track, ‘I’ll Be Your Body’ begins with bouncy synths and rhythms, and Vermue’s heavy imposing vocals that were practically made for electro music.

The dance-driven single, ‘Dependent’, reminiscent of Depeche Mode, stands out with its smooth, memorable melodics and guest appearance by Canadian composer Owen Pallett.

Standout tracks include the catchy and lyrically stimulating ‘Last of His Kind’, an ode to late Toronto artist, Will Munroe, that manages to instantaneously get you singing along. The self-assured, confident bearing anthem, ‘I Like to Work’ is an undeniable smart-ass track nearly begging you to dance with your own reflection.

Light Fires’ FACE has a sound that, while at first seems trivial, reels you in as it offers grounds of thoughtful intent.

Light Fires’ FACE is currently available on iTunes, as well as their Bandcamp.

Check out their website for current updates and touring info!


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