Kid Cudi :: Indicud

KidCudi-IndicudKiD CuDi returns with a new album in a departure from his past Man on the Moon series. This album, entitled Indicud, is different, yet familiar, in the perfect way, and is exactly what fans could have wanted and expected. The album is a clear mix of Cudi’s Man on the Moon albums, and his collaborative rock project WZRD. Cudi clearly fused both styles to create a very experimental and enjoyable album.

For this album, Kid Cudi did basically everything, making the experience of listening that much more enjoyable. He produced all the songs himself, except for one where he co-produced with producer Hit-Boy, and another track where WZRD partner Dot da Genius provided the drums. It’s a testament to how truly talented Kid Cudi is, and it shows that there isn’t very much he can’t do. The beats of these songs are still top-notch and sound very well thought out.

As well as producer collaborations, Indicud features a lot of big name rappers, such as A$AP Rocky on the song ‘Brothers’, RZA on ‘Beez’, Kendrick Lamar on ‘Solo Dolo Pt. II’, and many others. All of these songs are exceptional and can be listened to many times. However, what I think is the best song on the album, and the best collaboration, is a song called ‘Young Lady’, featuring Father John Misty of Fleet Foxes. Rock and hip-hop collaborations have become increasingly more popular and they often aren’t the greatest, but in this case, it’s acceptable. The song is catchy, trippy, and classic Cudi.

The album may receive negative reactions from fans expecting a third Man on the Moon, but it has to be understood that Kid Cudi basically made this album for himself and it shows that he is just having fun, using all the past music he’s created and essentially mixing it together in a giant pot. The album covers everything from a full-band track, to a slow melody with Cudi singing the whole time, to the type of fast rap track that we’ve heard in the past. The sign of a great album is if it can satisfy old fans while also drawing in new ones and Indicud does just that. The album is available now and is strongly recommended.

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