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JordanKlassen-RepentanceAs fall rolls around, fiery leaves begin to drop, and a crisp chill fuels the air, we find ourselves spending much of our time indoors. And with this forced constraint should come the type of music to make it a little more enjoyable. Music that mirrors the warmth that can only be created by being stuck inside with others. Jordan Klassen’s new LP Repentance exists for this purpose: to serve as a soundtrack for connection.

The Vancouver native, who played as a part of the local indie rock band, Sub Rosa, began his solo artistry in 2009. Since then, Klassen has written and recorded two LPs and two EPs, with his Kindness EP having been released earlier this year. With significant local radio airplay as well as some showcasing for Canada’s music industry prestige, Klassen has managed to garner some attention over the last couple years.

Repentance is elegantly put together, with its emotion pouring out just slowly enough to savour. You can sense the warmth and togetherness created during the recording progress as each one of Klassen’s band members display their souls on the tracks. The album manages to lift your spirits even within the deepest of songs. But each track does well not to overshoot for the emotion it’s trying to convey, with a delicate yet whimsical approach. The light yet intricate folk instrumentation allows you to truly appreciate the work put into the album, with Klassen’s easy vocals chilling you out.

JordanKlassenStandout tracks include ‘Piano Brother’, the sweet, pure, and lyrically vivid track, displaying Klassen’s proper storytelling abilities and beautiful imagery: “Asking for some fire from the heavens / Asking for you to break the skin / Fill my pockets with gold / Pure gold.”

Opening track, ‘Sweet Chariot’, begins with the overdone indie-folky staple of background oohs and ahhs vocalizing a la Passion Pit. But once you get past that, Klassen’s graceful poetry and complicated musicality truly brings the track to life. ‘Rachero’ is one of those tracks that you gravitate to, with hypnotizing ecclesiastical chord progressions and more story telling lyrics. The effortless and bare sounding first single, ‘Go to Me’ pays more attention to Klassen’s songwriting abilities, with its touching and sincere verses and what can only be described as a pretty damn catchy chorus.

Jordan Klassen’s  Repentance  is currently available on iTunes, as well as his bandcamp.

Check out his website for current updates and touring info!


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