Joe Blessett

JoeBlessettJoe Blessett managed to keep the true rhythms of blues and soul alive with his mesmerizing music, and added a touch of mystique to harmoniously blend in with contemporary life, music and sounds.

The video for his latest single, ‘It’s Been Fun’, is captivating and the music seems to blend in and capture the essence of the surroundings and time.

Blessett is an independent recording artist who not only creates these masterpieces for all jazz, blues and R&B lovers out there, but also runs his own label and publishing company with his crew!

JoeBlessetChangingEverythingBased in Orlando, Florida, Blessett released his newest CD, titled Changing Everything, which is available now!

Sit back, relax and drown away all of the day’s events, and listen to some of Joe Blessett’s soothing tunes that are sure to make you unwind!

The amazing aspect of how Blessett incorporates traditional jazz and blues, with sprinkles of contemporary notes here and there is, for the lack of a better word, refreshing and mystifying!
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