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JaymeStone-TheOtherSideOfTheAirBanjo. For indie tune listeners, generally, the banjo is a music instrument for country, folk, and Irish traditional music. Then, what about this two-time Juno-winning Banjoist, Jayme Stone’s sound? Well, I would say his tracks fit into the jazz genre, but are inspired by cultural music from all over the world. It makes me feel like I’m listening to the soundtrack of an adventure film – exciting! Jayme Stone: a man whose past albums are all awarded. But, I wonder how the music scene will respond to his brand new project, The Other Side of the Air. I cannot avert my eyes from him.

At magazine stores, sometimes, I meet people who collect vacation articles for feeling like they’re travelling without going out from their rooms. These articles put grinning smiles on their faces, and the choose articles they have not seen yet. Personally, I couldn’t believe what they were doing. In my perspective, travelling is constituted by the moment of looking with both of your eyes, standing at the actual place with your both legs, and breathing in the atmosphere of the place.

JaymeStone-2However, this album completely changed my opinion. You can travel without going out from your room if you receive a huge inspiration. This album, The Other Side of the Air, brings you a pair of coloured sunglasses and the odour of the air from different places. You even don’t have to walk to any magazine stores.

Once you play this album, you will be suddenly at West Africa, authentic India, rainy Europe, Persia, Southern rural U.S.A., and in the passionate Gypsy camp. It is not a movie, but you can visualize the imaginary landscape in front of you and it makes you want to see, stand, think and breathe just as you are a tourist.

JaymeStone-1This album even makes you want to dance, as well. I didn’t know the banjo is able to express music so dramatically. World music magazine Song Line indicated, “This is what the future of the banjo sounds like.” This is a pertinent comment. Banjo dresses up as a guitar, sitar, and keyed instrument as cembalo, and plays a beautiful melody. The various changes are more impressive than a female’s makeup. It is vastly gorgeous, beautiful, and respectful.

Jayme Stone. He is a quite interesting man. If you play music, I would like you to check his website. Although he is a professional musician, he always opens his door to collaborate with others for potential projects. His music currier itself may explore the musical world.

For more on Jayme Stone, visit his website, his Bandcamp page, his Facebook page, and his Twitter account.


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