James Blake

JamesBlake-liveWhile the rest of the Raz Mataz crew was in attendance at our showcase in Toronto a few weeks ago, I trekked East of the DVP to see James Blake at the always-breathtaking Danforth Music Hall.

Opener Falty DL was lackluster, and managed to have some of the crowd generously bobbing their heads while he sat cross-legged in front of his laptop

Blake took to the stage a little after ten-thirty for a set that lasted over an hour. While I had heard numerous good things about his live performance, I was expecting to be disappointed. Thankfully, though, Blake’s set did everything but disappoint. Booming back beats that managed to go somewhat unnoticed to me when listened to through headphones, were brought to the forefront of every song and made me aware of Blakes’ dupstep roots. Crowd pleasers included ‘Limit to Your Love’ and ‘Retrograde’, while the cow bell beat in ‘Voyeur’ had most of us dancing.

Keeping mostly to himself and engaging sparingly with the crowd, only to say how pleased he was to be at the Danforth, sans a ceiling that spews confetti, Blake was elegant and graceful, and, after a well-deserved standing ovation, returned with a three-song encore, which included his cover of Joni Mitchell’s ‘A Case of You’.

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