It’s All Happening :: The Long Weekend Road Trip Playlist

IAH-May16-photo1The long weekend ideal road trip is only as good as your well-designed playlist.

Thank God you have me!

You’re leaving the city, leaving your fucking desk job and the ever-present pile of clothes on your bedroom floor that you keep promising yourself you’ll put away – all of that is going to be behind you for a few days of boozing and sun.

Or maybe you work in the service industry, and you’re stuck bring JaggerBombs to the common yokel, who decided to come to the Big City for the weekend, to broaden their suburban horizons.

I am thankful that the above is not I.

Although, my life has become a little too mundane for my liking, which brings the lyrics of my favourite Arctic Monkeys song to mind:

“Discarded all the naughty nights for niceness / Landed in a very common crisis / Everything’s in order in a black hole / Nothing seems as pretty as the past though / That Bloody Mary’s lacking in Tabasco / Remember when you used to be a rascal?”


‘Florescent Adolescent’ – Arctic Monkeys

Let’s call that your packing song. Play it as you gather together your favourite cut-offs, which, let’s face it, are denim panties at this point. But, isn’t getting laid high on the list of vacation priorities? I say free your butt cheeks and get some.

However, always proceed with caution: I once knew a girl who thought she was in for some harmless vacay (I did just use that word), instead bone down and end up getting peed on.


‘Favourite Song’ – Chance the Rapper

Chancelor Bennett is a fresh sound in hip hop, and this track is an excellent get-away song. Kiss these piss- and puke-stained streets goodbye for at least a few days.

You have hit country-wide open spaces; you can breathe; there are trees and grass for days. . . It is time for the ever-epic. . .


‘Nights in White Satin’ – The Moody Blues

Feet on the dash, eyes closed, sun on your face. . . Yeeahhhhhhhh. . .


Time for a little nap. . .


‘Possibility’ – Lykke Li

Sweet, soft, and awfully cozy.


But, a road trip is never complete without something from Almost Famous. . .


‘Tiny Dancer’ – Elton John

Recreate everyone’s favourite scene, and someone will definitely get spirit fingers in the face telling them, “you are home. . .”

Oh, Penny. . . you kill me.


‘Australia’ – The Shins

This song is the perfect driving song. It reminds me of getting up stoned with my little brother and driving around aimlessly.


Driving is always a time for a little inward reflection. Nick Drake is epic reflection music and ‘One of These Things’, is one of the best songs for that.


And, finally, the perfect song to roll up to your destination:


‘Something in the Air’ – Thunderclap Newman

Another Almost Famous special, because that movie is the best. Period.


Now, go make poor choices!

See you back in the concrete jungle Tuesday morning – sunburnt and hungover as fuck!

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