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IAH-GoodTunesEasyListeningWhat is feel-good or easy-listening music? I have always been confused by that term, that genre and that station on satellite radio. It’s not a genre; what makes the global population of six billion people “feel good” is fucking vast.

That being said “it’s easy to believe we are each waves and forget we are also the ocean.” Can one playlist make a whole room full of people feel good?

I started a new job this week.

It’s at a desk with a computer, which means I’ve become a slave to GrooveShark.

Seriously; I listen to whatever I want to listen to, all day long, and I’m getting paid 12 dollars an hour to make playlists – unofficially, that is .

I work at a fitness spa, so my only requirements are “easy listening” and “feel good”.

Four days and four hundred playlists later, I have a general idea. Easy listening is not a genre; I have incorporated showtunes, hip-hop, Motown, Bob Hope and reggae.

I never thought Judy Garland and Atmosphere would fit on the same playlist, but it works!


‘Gone Going’ – Black Eyed Peas ft. Jack Johnson

I don’t give a shit – Jack Johnson kills me, and I love it. This track is calming, mellow, and so damn pretty. Adding a little hip-hop swag to Johnson’s island vibe is an amazing mix.


‘Two Sleepy People’ – Bob Hope and Shirley Ross

This song is the single most adorable old song I have ever heard. It’s about a young couple that doesn’t want to say goodnight and leave one another’s side, so they get married so that they can finally get some sleep.

It’s amazing.


‘You Send Me’ – Sam Cooke

The legend: the smooth voice singing the sweetest song.


‘Let Me Be’ – Xavier Rudd

An intensely happy and insanely peaceful jam.

That’s feel good music: a song that can bring calm to the mind and peace to the soul.


‘The Best Day’ – Atmosphere

Lyrically, this jam has pure positivity going on, even though everything goes wrong.


‘Daylight’ – Ninjasonik Remix

It was already an intensely happy tune when Matt and Kim first released it (that little keyboard riff is perfect). Then Ninjasonik came in and made the happy little tune bad ass!


‘Lay Me Down’ – Sublime with Rome ft. The Dirty Heads

Beach jams – maybe that’s what feel-good music means, beach tunes!

Reminds me of bed sheets full of sand……


‘One Love’  – Bob Marley

I know, it’s kind of a “duhhh” choice, but I’m putting it on here anyway.


‘Trolley’ – Judy Garland

From my favourite musical, Meet Me In St. Louis.

I love songs from musicals; when I’m bummed out, I put the Sound Of Music on my record player – the threats of dismemberment from my roommates don’t scare me!


‘Amsterdam’ – Peter Bjorn and John

This one reminds me of traveling, my happy place. It also makes me feel a little sick because I’m stuck behind a desk and can’t leave this city at all right now.


Okay, now after all that happy music, I’m bummed out. I’m going to look into one-way flights somewhere. I’m over it and need a change in a bad way!!!

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