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Hollerado-WhitePaintHollerado’s sophomore album White Paint has finally been released after four years of anticipation, and fans should rejoice. The album is very different from what would be expected from Hollerado, but remains true to their sound while also diving deeper into their personal stories and feelings.

The album is a lot more personal and feels a lot more meaningful. Their last album, Record in a Bag, was a record that could be played from beginning to end at a party, and was filled with multiple songs that make you want to jump. White Paint does have a couple songs similar to this, but the majority of the tracks feel as though they’re better to just relax, do homework, or hangout with friends to.

An example of a slower, deeper-meaning song is ‘Lonesome George’. The song is about a tortoise who was the last of his species and who recently died, making his species extinct. The song starts off with the lead singer Menno’s soft vocals over a simple guitar rhythm. The song is best comparable to ‘On My Own’ from Record in a Bag, but only because that’s the slowest song on that album.

This album also seems to feature a lot more songs with deeper meanings. For example, on Record in a Bag, ‘Juliette’ was simply about death, but on White Paint there are many more meaningful tracks, such as ‘So It Goes’, which is about Menno’s grandfather during the war, ‘Lonesome George’ mentioned above, and ‘I Want My Medicine’ being about a man who had to sell his record collection to pay for his hospital views, among others.

One thing I love about Hollerado is that they are always creative with their live shows and album/vinyl artwork. With this album, they held a painting party and hand painted each album white over a stain glass design.

The album’s first single, ‘Pick Me Up’ is the last track on the album, which is surprising because usually bands will place their single close to the start of the record. This shows that although it is a great track, ‘Pick Me Up’ isn’t the best on the album. Like Record in a Bag, the songs on this album are catchy and even on the first listen, sound as though they’ve been heard before . . . in a good way.

White Paint shows that Hollerado is growing exceptionally as a band and that they will continue to release great music in the future. Hollerado will definitely be around for a long time and hopefully we will get a new album from them in less than four years, because I don’t think I can wait that long.

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