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HeavyMetalForGirls-HeavyMetalForGirlsThere is no clue in the title here. Heavy Metal For Girls is neither heavy metal, nor seemingly specifically for girls.

This quirky blast from the past hearkens back to the psychedelia of the ’60s and ’70s with shades of the Kinks and the Ramones.

This self-titled album from the Toronto-based band sings with the soulful sounds of church organs and phased vocals, coupled with the sweet syncopation of those simple beats from the simpler days of the ’60s, and the grooving bass licks of the ’70s.

The album is a wonderful, cohesive piece of history, apart from two tracks. The first of these two derivations from the central sound of the album would be: ‘Der Franz Speciale’, a seeming homage to Franz Ferdinand. It’s a wonderful track, albeit a confusing addition to the overall project.

The second of these quirky conundrums is ‘Ural Mountain Blues’, which puts the gypsy in the band’s self-description: “slightly refined garage rock with a wide range of influences… everything from the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s, from punk to disco to gypsy.”

HeavyMetalForGirlsI may be confused by the addition of these two songs, in comparison to the rest of the album, but I wouldn’t do without them.

A fantastic and eccentric band, Heavy Metal For Girls is an enigma worth trying to figure out.

For more on Heavy Metal for Girls, visit www.heavymetalforgirls.com.


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