Grounders at NXNE

GROUNDERS2Grounders seem like those dudes you wanted to be friends with, but never were.

With nothing more than a debut EP, Wreck of a Smile, under their belt, as well as a few singles released and a cult following within the Toronto music scene, Grounders managed to bring out quite a crowd to their Wednesday-night show at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto during the North by Northeast festival.

Grounders were sweet and charming, and managed to hold up a decent set even with only one vocalist – which had me feeling skeptical at first, but once they began to play it was easy to see that having a singular vocalist allows for songs to remain catchy, while still featuring very present guitars and bass.

GROUNDERS3It seemed as though the riff was somewhat repetitive, but managed to create a different atmosphere for each song. Together the guitar riffs and synths produce a waltz-like sound, which a girl standing next to me took full advantage of when she was rocking out.

The band seem friendly, like those guys in high school who you were always intimidated by, but still wanted to be friends with because they always looked like they were having a good time. Grounders are those guys: passionate without being dramatic.

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