Gold & Youth :: Beyond Wilderness

Gold&Youth-BeyondWildernessVancouverites Gold & Youth released their debut album, Beyond Wilderness, on May 14. Stirring up interest with the release of two singles – ‘City of Quartz’ and ‘Time to Kill’ – back in 2012, the quartet eventually signed to the Arts & Crafts label.

The sound is similar to that of Depeche Mode’s, with electric rhythms and deep vocals. ‘Jewel’ sounds similar to ‘Shooms’, from fellow Arts & Craft signees, Trust. It’s fitting, then, that the two were paired together for the Arts & Crafts X album (available May 28), since Matthew Lyall and Trust’s Robert Alfons also share the same brooding baritone vocals.

The two singles that got the Gold & Youth noticed make up the bread of the album. Each song in between is less pronounced, but manage to flow seamlessly together, building off one another like brickwork. ‘Time to Kill’ is an anthem, and a perfect ending to an album filled with melancholic vocals and dance-ready tunes. Their sound is expansive and seems to fit well with the start of the warm weather.

Catch Gold & Youth on June 8 during Arts & Crafts’ Field Trip Festival at Fork York and Garrison Common.

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