Giant Hand

GiantHand-liveMy first time at the Cameron House saw me patiently sitting at the bar for ten minutes, waiting for Giant Hand to come on stage, completely confused as a duo playing country music to a jovial, dancing crowd. Eventually, I asked a bartender if Giant Hand would be playing at some point in the night. She didn’t know who I was talking about, but said that if there was anyone else playing they would probably be in the back room.

In light of this information, I meandered to the back of the venue and found myself in a small, dark room where Kirk Ramsay was in the midst of crooning out tunes to a small audience.

The atmosphere was intimate and laid back; the lighting was darker and more serene than the front of the bar. The couple in front of me drew throughout the set, and the rest of the audience remained eerily quiet, the only sound being their applause after each song ended. I only managed to catch the tail end of the set, but Ramsay’s performance managed to keep me as captivated as I get when listening to his album. His voice was more quavering than on the album, which added to the emotionally-charged lyrics.

Ramsay is as humble and gracious as his music suggests. Thanking the audience for being so quiet and inviting them to purchase some CDs of his – pay what you can because he just wanted to get rid of them. I’m looking forward to seeing him again, whenever that may be.

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