Giant Hand :: Starting As People

GiantHand-StartingAsPeopleIt is rare that I latch onto a musician after only hearing one song, but as soon as I tuned into the melancholic vocals of Giant Hand, I was hooked.

Giant Hand, otherwise known as Kirk Ramsay, is a Toronto based guitarist whose sound has been compared to that of Bright Eyes. I’d compare him to City and Colour, if only because Conor Oberst sounds like he is constantly on the verge of tears, and Ramsay manages to keep his composure throughout his songs. He has opened for the likes of Ohbijou and will be playing during Canadian Music Week this March.

With two albums under his belt, Giant Hand’s sound has been established and he has room to grow. Starting as People begins where his debut, Coming Home, ends, and feels more succinct than the latter, running at about twenty minutes. The lyrics deal with loneliness, life and death and fit perfectly with Ramsay’s twangy vocals that fill each song with a kind of morose hopefulness.

In ‘Another Step Down’, Ramsay sings: “And every year I take another step down, / And that’s a step closer to my home in the ground / And they’re all saying that I’m mentally sound / But I can’t hear a damn thing.” It’s difficult to ignore the sincerity of wonder in the lyrics.

Head over to Giant Hand’s bandcamp ( to indulge yourself.

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