Franz Ferdinand :: ‘Right Action’

FranzFerdinand-'RightAction'It’s been about four years since Scotland boys, Franz Ferdinand, released their third studio album, Tonight: Franz Ferdinand, as well as its dub-styled version, Blood; and about three years since we were told about their plans for a fourth record. It’s 2013 now, and our boys are in full effect with a self-produced upcoming album and a kick ass lead single to go with it.

Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action’s somewhat-titled track, ‘Right Action’, will have you craving for the upcoming album, to be released later this summer. The track begins with light percussions leading into the song’s infectious principle guitar riff and Kapranos’ heavy distinct vocals. The bridge of the song includes a sitar-like instrument lightly strummed under Kapranos’ deep vocals, á la The Beatles, repeating the line, “Sometimes wish you were here / Weather permitting”, before heading back into the infectious riff, upbeat tempo and rhythmic head nodding.

The video, directed by Jonas Odell, the man behind the edgy video for their hit ‘Take Me Out,’ portrays the boys performing the song with animated retro-themes displaying the song’s lyrics.

FranzFerdinandThis track will most likely be on repeat for the days leading up to the album release and will send you into a state of shameless public musical indecency.

I dare you to try standing still to this one, guys. I double dare you.

Franz Ferdinand’s Right Thoughts Right Words Right Action will be released August 27, and is currently available for pre-order on iTunes.

Check out their website for current updates and touring info – and be sure to watch the video for ‘Right Action‘.

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