Folly and the Hunter at CMW

FollyAndTheHunter-CMWAfter playing in Austin, Texas, for SXSW, Quebec natives Folly and the Hunter headed north to play a few shows in Toronto during Canadian Music Week. With one album under their belt and another set to be released next month, the band is beginning to establish a spot within the indie rock scene. They’re at their best playing acoustic numbers with delicate melodies, which hooked me when I had a listen before their show over on their website. At once entranced with the seamless harmonies and calming strums of a guitar, I was looking forward to their show at The Garrison.

The quintet played a short set in front of a small crowd, which singer Nick Vallee called “nice and intimate.” Most of the songs were from the album set to be released in April, which I believe will be entitled Tragic Hair. The band alternated between booming numbers with an unexpected bass, and soothing acoustic tracks.

Vallee’s voice – which sounds like a cross between Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koeing and Mumford and Son’s Marcus Mumford – flourishes during acoustic numbers, but, at times, is drowned out by the keyboards and drums. Vallee was grateful, thanking the audience for being there after every song, and humoured the audience with quip about the confusing nature of CMW – or is it CMF? I don’t know. I do know that Folly and the Hunters should probably be on your iPod this summer.

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