Fleetwood Mac :: Extended Play

FleetwoodMac-ExtendedPlayFleetwood Mac recently released their Extended Play EP, the band’s first new music in a decade!

The EP starts off with a track called ‘Sad Angel’, an up-tempo and catchy song with harmonies just as good as they were ten years ago. This song is definitely my favourite on this short tease of an EP.

‘Without you’, is an acoustic duet between Nicks and Buckingham. This song was produced by Buckingham and Nicks back in the 1970s (a re-recorded demo). Though what year exactly seems to be up for debate, as Stevie joked at a concert in New York that she and Lindsay disagree on what year the song was written. Stevie wrote the poem/song when she and Buckingham were first dating, stating, “This is the most beautiful thing I have ever written about he and I.”

The song has that classic Fleetwood Mac style, and it is truly a beautiful song, capturing the long-time chemistry between the two.

The rest of the EP was produced by Mitchel Froom, who produced more than 60 albums and has been nominated for several Grammys. The songs are written and sung by Buckingham, making it seem more like a solo release than a Fleetwood Mac record.

FleetwoodMac-ExtendedPlauThe track, ‘It Takes Time’, is a delicate piano ballad; it emits some true emotion. Buckingham’s vocals are unrushed, with somewhat of an eerie tone to them. ‘Miss Fantasy’, the last track on the EP, picks up the magic again with Buckingham’s superb vocals, Nicks’ airy harmonies, some acoustic strumming, and Mick’s classic drumming.  This song is a great close to a very well put together EP, proving Fleetwood Mac has still got it!

Overall, the songs are on the safe side, but none-the-less amazing. The EP is short but definitely sweet, leaving you wanting more, and that’s exactly what we can all hope for.

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