Father Figure

FatherFigure-1Father Figure’s set at the Boston Manor in Burlington,Ont., reminds me of the kind of music that I used to obsess over in high school – that type of fabulous screamo skater punk that really gets you going, gets your blood rushing – except it doesn’t because it’s way better.

The band’s energy is virtually unparalleled. They’re all over the stage, they’re sweaty, and they’re excited to be there, on stage, performing. They have fabulous showmanship – dancing around on stage, playing off of each other. Even if you couldn’t hear them, you’d be having fun because they’re fun to watch.

They’re punchy and their set is a wall of sound. They switch fantastically between nasally vocals and a glorious scream, previously only thought capable of 13-year-olds. Together on stage, they offer super clean breaks and finishes – they know how to play and they play together amazingly well.

FatherFigure-2But a one-trick skater-punk pony they are not. They switch to straight-up rock-and-roll with perfect ease. The quickly strumming electric guitars, the speedy thud of drums, the punches of symbols and the slap of bass. But their unique style still manages to push on through.

Take ‘The Beast’, for example. The track highlights scratchy guitars, thudding, thumping bass, and deep steady drums, until it switches to an amazingly fast moment of sound – quick symbols, fast bass, screaming guitars and vocals to match. Then, just as seamlessly, they switch back to a soft, slow, rhythm-heavy interlude.

The song builds to an incredible finish – a deep growl for vocals, smoothly strumming, yet edgy, guitar, feel-it-in-your-chest-cavity bass, steaming symbols and drums galore.

For more on Father Figure, like where to see them live, visit their Facebook page.


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