Esquille-1Esquille has remerged back into the world of music with his upbeat, contemporary and highly entertaining CD and music video, after enjoying world-wide success in the ’90s and ’00s. The Swedish artist and producer performs fresh and lively EDM that is sure to get your attention, and perhaps make you want to dance, as well!

Being very successful and respected from the beginning of his music career, Esquille enjoyed numerous recognitions and accolades, some of them being his Dreamland collaboration, which achieved global success, work on MTV, and more 100,000 record sales in Brazil alone!

Some years ago, Esquille took a break from the music industry, and now has resurfaced with even more fervour and zest, and says he’s never felt so creative! This is evident through the attention he’s receiving by his growing fan base, and by his becoming a club sensation with his single, ‘I Take U Higher’. That track is topping the dance charts across the world. Esquille’s video for the song is becoming equally popular, with the dramatic and expressive choreography to entertain and capture viewers’ interests!

Esquille-RockThisClubDownThe follow-up single ‘Heyo’ features many remixes for radio and club, and is still charting to date. It was licensed and featured on MTV’s The Challenge. The video for ‘Heyo’ was praised and applauded for its choreography and original dance steps, which you can watch here.

Esquille says, “I’m very proud to present my new EP Rock This Club Down, with five of my best dance tracks written over the past year. I’ve put a lot of energy and soul into them, so I hope you love them.”

The release of Esquille’s EP, Rock This Club Down is scheduled for September 15.

Visit to learn more about his powerful and lively music! Enjoy!

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