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Last Saturday, Montreal natives, Doldrums, were in town. I was lucky enough to spend the night at The Horseshoe Tavern to catch their performance, along with openers Cellphone (formerly Skitso-Convo) and the ephemeral sounding, sibling trio, Doom Squad.

I caught the tail end of opening act Cellphones’ set, and was treated to some musically heavy songs. There was lots of guitar, and some screaming. I was slightly taken aback, but I was impressed.

Doom Squad began drawing the attention of Torontonians during last year’s NXNE. While still predominately under the radar, if their live show has anything to say, I’m pretty sure by the time this year’s NXNE rolls around, they’ll be well on their way to some sort of fame. Bass-heavy, dance-heavy, yet strangely melodic and folk-like, the Montreal trio has a way of losing themselves in their music, which makes watching them seem slightly voyeuristic.


Doom Squad

Airick Woodheads’ KAOSS pad sits in a suitcase with a face printed on the inside of the case. There is a drum set at the back on the stage, barely visible from my spot near the speakers, and another drum set to the left of the stage – except this one is comprised of trash cans. Woodhead is quiet and calm, but comes alive as he launches into his set. The lights are low and electronic samples pound through the speakers.

Crowd pleasers ‘Egypt’ and ‘Anomaly’ were placed in the second and second-last spots on the set list, respectively. Woodhead is chaotic on stage, swinging the microphone and jumping everywhere. His energy fills the small stage, and the venue, perfectly.

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